Pattern Book Sampling

In an era when your mobile phone is a handy tool for people to hunt virtual creatures using Pokemon Go, or to find partners with Tinder (!), how quaint that we still love a physical fabric swatch before choosing our new curtains or furniture upholstery! This is the Pike Textiles business, serving customers making these selections, providing pattern books or fabric cuttings for you to feel and hold in the real world of your home.

But surely one day there will be an app for that, too?!

Virtual Selection

Well, we’re part way there already. You can use your tablet to swipe a virtual new sofa into a view of your own room, and change its upholstery fabric to see what you like best. Still not quite sure? Then order a fabric cutting on-line to be on your doormat tomorrow!

This way of choosing your interiors may not suit everyone, but I believe it will become more commonplace as technology changes the way we do things. The good news for the interiors sector is how such technology makes revamping your interior a much easier and less risky proposition, meaning more people will be changing more rooms more often.

In fact, more people will be making those changes simply because it’s fun and easy, like hunting Pokemon. This presents exciting opportunities for interiors brands and also some fresh challenges. How can we keep up with the growing demand for fabric cuttings, delivered quickly and cheaply to those doormats? How do we avoid overstocking fabric and fabric swatches and the costs of obsolescence, yet ensure we don’t lose a sale because we’ve run out?

Pike Textiles Solutions

Let Pike Textiles take the strain and handle this for you, while you’re keeping pace with the ever more rapid development of ‘personalised’ fashions. We’ve been beefing up our fabric swatch and wallpaper cuttings service and seeing major growth in this area.

Meanwhile, there’s no let-up in the demand for pattern books, proving that there are still plenty of us who like to live in the real world!