Cut to any size and finish and presented either as loose cuttings, showroom packs or ring sets, Pike Textiles has the flexibility and capacity to produce huge bulk cuttings orders or smaller top up runs of your loose fabric cuttings and wallpaper samples.

Individual Cuttings

With more consumers viewing interiors products online, never has the individual fabric cutting or wallpaper sample had such industry importance. Pike Textiles has the ideal sampling set up to respond to the industry’s needs. We will work with you to monitor cuttings stock levels to minimise the possibility of ever being out of stock.

Do you have a large design which just won’t work as a traditional cutting? Talk to Pike Textiles about best practice display solutions for larger designs.

Showroom Sales Tools

Pike Textiles can also help with your showroom sales packs. We can produce fabric wings, memos, returnable samples and loose cuttings, packed by kind or picked and packed in to sales tool bundles and despatched to individual showroom addresses.

Our pre-production quality checks and processes will ensure that your fabric cuttings have the best quality finish and the correct ID label – and our choice of glues will ensure that your label isn’t peeling off a few weeks later, even on coated fabrics.

Ring Sets

Frequently used for contractors, specifiers, press packs, teasers and promotional giveaways, ring sets are a more cost-effective way of presenting fabric and wallpaper collections.

Rings, pins, ball chains and leather handles are all popular ways of securing the fabric or wallpaper set.

Talk to Pike Textiles about the benefits of using ring sets as part of your launch.