Fabric Books

Pike Textiles embrace complex fabric book layouts and difficult to handle materials. Our expertise guarantees an unrivalled level of quality in the production and presentation of fabric sample books.

Tailored to You

Our hard-earned knowledge ensures every fabric book is designed with stunning aesthetics and an enhanced durability that will help showcase your designs.

If you need help with maximising the visual impact of your fabric swatch book, we can help. Allow Pike Textiles to work with you on your cover graphics and provide a digital render. We can also help you with the layout of your fabrics.

Unsure on edge treatments? Pike Textiles can work with you to provide the right edge treatment for optimum fabric sample durability.

Your Launch, Assured

Fabric books, Wallpaper books and Co-ordinate books. Pike Textiles create a sampling solution that is in line with your brand and crafted with consideration to your customers.

We have the capacity to produce large volumes of multiple different fabric books ensuring that your launch hits the market on time.

These pattern books can be produced separately or as part of a complete launch package, all delivered at the same time, with a consistent look and feel.

Proven Capability

We may specialise in large quantity pattern book production, but we can also confidently fulfil any orders for smaller scale projects.

If you need pattern books for an exhibition or pre-launch sales meeting, Pike Textiles can be relied upon not to let you down.