Window Blind Binders

We have extensive experience in the production and project management of window blind sampling and case-making for a broad range of clients both large and small.

Invaluable Experience

Whether it is a large scale or bespoke design, we give central importance to the front-end planning of your window blind project to ensure that we meet both your binder design and delivery requirements.

Our experience guarantees that we won’t let you down.

Exacting Standards

From Rollers and Romans to Pleated, Vertical and Venetian blind binders, our pre-production innovation and meticulous attention to detail during manufacture allows for any design specification to be met.

We work in partnership with clients to help understand their requirements to ensure we produce the best possible window blind display product.

Handcrafted Quality

Our streamlined production process and advanced scheduling systems enable a timely turnaround on any project. Our purpose-designed manufacturing facility ensures each component of every binder is managed on site, guaranteeing a high quality end product.

If you are looking for UK production of large volume blind binders, please do visit Pike Textiles’ site in Cambridgeshire and see how our facilities match your requirements.