At Pike Textiles, we have put the environment as a headline item in our one year and three year business plans.  We will be auditing our practices for sustainability, driving out single use papers and plastics, and actively sourcing more environmentally friendly options for throughout our offices, production hall, manufacturing processes and product packaging.

We are keen to limit the amount of waste that we send to landfill, and are delighted to hear of the work of the Haines Collection.  Check them out at

They are offering options for disposing of roll ends of fabric allowing business and charities to profit – not a solution that works for every brand, but if it could work for yours it would be well worth having a conversation with Jules Haines and her team.

Our sourcing team are actively seeking out sustainably produced bookcloths and handles – but we believe that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts… Together with our customers, we believe we can drive change.

Please tell us what you would like to see:

We have been asked about environmentally friendly handles and we have been asked about bookcloth produced from natural fibres.

We have been asked for books without PVC and books made without glue.

What would you like to see and what changes would you like to see our industry deliver? Please contact Caroline  Adams on the email address with your thoughts and views – or indeed with environment-centric  projects that you are working on that we could share and help grow.

Pike Textiles has a rich history of 127 years in Sampling Solutions manufacture and four generations of family ownership – we know something about long term sustainability and the importance of protecting the future.