The challenge with wallpaper sampling is how best to display the designs – particularly if they are big, bold and beautiful – on a small wallpaper sample.
A4 is the industry-standard size for a wallpaper cutting, with the wallpaper samples occasionally being pushed to A3 in a bid to try and accommodate larger wallpaper designs – but in many cases, even an A3 wallpaper sample is frankly still not large enough!
By printing a four colour design on the back of your wallpaper, you instantly solve the problem.
Pike Textiles can print a room shot image, inspiring the customer with how to use your designs, or a flat shot image, giving a clear vibrant impression of the full pattern repeat of your wallpaper design.
Wallpaper is all about design and all about colour – so why not apply these principles to your wallpaper swatch service.
Each 10 metre roll (52 cm wide) will yield you approximately 66 A4 printed samples, making this a cost-effective solution for wallpaper sampling.
Pike Textiles are also pleased to offer wallpaper cuttings storage and fulfilment – click here for more information on the services we can offer.
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