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I just want to be noticed

Caroline Adams, Sales & Marketing Manager

Some might say that the problem with a pattern book is that it is a book.  If you can only see a spine or a front cover, how can you ensure that your customers see your pattern book?

The future of sampling

Jon Allen, Managing Director

The future of sampling – you can use your tablet to swipe a virtual new sofa into a view of your own room, and change its upholstery fabric to see what you like best.

Textile manufacture

Anne-Marie Busch, Red Bridge

The Red Bridge mill, founded in 1927, near Manchester, UK specialises in the pattern book manufacture and supply of premium textile and paper cover materials.

“I choose this one”

Stephen Mather, Operational Excellence

If you have a product, a service, a lifestyle or even a concept that you want other people to buy (or buy into), influencing them can soon become an obsession.

LEJOG Charity Bike Ride

Kevin Bates, Purchasing Manager

A bike ride from Lands End to John O Groats certainly seemed a good idea, particularly discussed over a pint as most ‘good ideas’ are always hatched.